Massage Services

massage16Essential Signature Massage

This guest favorite incorporates Young Living Orthoease massage oil, sacred earth botanicals massage cream and warm aromatherapy towels.  Beginning with a foot massage and ending with a face and scalp massage for head to toe balance and relaxation.

30 min: $35, 60 min: $60, 90 min: $85



deep tissueDeep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue.

It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, lower back tightness, and sore shoulders. Some of the same strokes are used as in the Swedish massage, but the movement is slower, the pressure is deeper, and is concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

30 min: $35, 60 min: $60, 90 min: $85


stoneHot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot stone therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and increases circulation and metabolism.

Hot Stone Therapy is gaining popularity for its ability to provide deeper muscle and tissue relaxation, which in turn releases more toxins and improves circulation.

60 min: $70, 90 min: $95


Pregnancy-Massage1Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage reduces the physical and emotional stresses that are associated with pregnancy.  It reduces back, leg, neck and sciatic pain. It also reduces swelling and leg cramps.

Regular prenatal massages allow greater range of motion and activity during pregnancy.

A body cushion is used to properly position and support the mother’s body during the massage.

Proper positioning ensures comfort and safety for the mother and baby.

60 min: $60, 90 min: $85


reflexologyDetailed Hand/Foot Massage

Using reflexology techniques, this is a therapeutic method of relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet and hands.

This controlled pressure alleviated the source of any discomfort.  In the absence of any particular malady or abnormality, reflexology techniques may be as effective for promoting good health and for preventing illness as it may be for relieving symptoms of stress, injury and illness.

30 min: $35, 60 min: $60


swedish-massageSwedish Massage

Soft tissue massage increases blood and lymph circulation, enhances range of motion.  Ultimately calms the nervous system and reduces stress.

30 min: $30,  45 min: $40,  60 min: $50,  90 min: $75


raindrop-technique-photoRaindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy is a healing technique using pure essential oils. Raindrop Therapy combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and moist heat to create healing and cleansing through structural and electrical alignment to the body. The purpose of the therapy is to bring total balance, harmony, and body wellness – mental, physical, and emotional.

Raindrop Therapy uses a sequence of nine essential oils that have been clinically tested to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. These essential oils are dropped gently on the spine and then lightly massaged in using various techniques. The practitioner dispenses the oils along the client’s spine like little drops of rain from a height of about six inches. The oils are gently brushed up the spine and lightly massaged over the rest of the back. A hot compress is then applied, which facilitates oil absorption and muscle relaxation. Developed by nutritionist Gary Young, Raindrop Therapy is based on the theory that many spinal misalignments are caused by pathogens that reside dormant along the backbone. This condition creates inflammation causing contortion and disfigurement along the spine. The application of highly antimicrobial essential oils reduces inflammation and kills the pathogens, thus providing symptom relief. Raindrop Therapy is based on Lakota Native healing.

Gary Young has researched aromatherapy and herbal medicine for over 20 years. He gives credit to the Native American Lakotas, the Hunza people of the Himalayan Mountains, and the people of Inner Mongolia for his inspiration. The premise behind Raindrop Therapy is that the use of specific antimicrobial oils applied in a particular sequence with various techniques will reduce the body’s inflammations and destroy any viral presence. Although the original theory behind this is to heal problems of the spine, modifications can be incorporated into the therapy to treat other conditions.

60 min: $70, 90 min: $95