Full Body Waxing

Expert Full Body Waxing

You can trust our team for a safe, sanitary wax service. We allow only Licensed Estheticians to provide our wax services. For body waxing, hair must be at least 1/4 inch long. If hair is too short, we may not be able to provide the service, but you will still be charged.  Please call us with any questions.

Note: We cannot wax anyone who has used Acutane in the 6 months prior to their appointment or used Retin A in the 2 weeks prior to their appointment. These medications can cause skin to tear, burn, or cause serious scarring with wax. Waxing is a temporary method of hair removal.

Women’s Body waxing

Brazilian Wax                50 min        $60

Bikini Wax                      30 min        $30

Full Leg Wax                 60 min         $45

Half Leg Wax                45 min         $30

Underarm Wax            20 min        $20

Facial Wax                    15 min         $15

Men’s Body Waxing

Back Wax                     45 min        $60

Arm Wax                     30 min        $25

Chest Wax                   40 min        $40